What better time to talk about Green Cleaning! Happy St. Patricks Day!

At Offshore Carpet Cleaning we take pride in the fact that we use ECO Friendly Green Products when cleaning your home of office floors.  Knowing that you are not using product with harsh or harmful chemicals can make you feel great knowing your family, children, pets and friends will not be affected.

The Benefits of Green Cleaning

Did you know that over 100 trillion bacterial cells consider your body their home? It’s true, and they outnumber your regular cells 10 to 1. These tiny guests live in your mouth, nose, and gut and they make up what is known as your microbiome – your highly personalized mini-ecosystem of both good and bad bacteria.

The Antibacterial Craze

We’ve become a nation obsessed with hand washing and sanitizing, hoping that all that scrubbing will keep us safe from colds, flu, and harmful bacteria. How did we get here? Back in the mid-90s, you had your choice of a few dozen antibacterial products; by 2001 that number had grown to over 700 and it hasn’t stopped since. Manufacturers everywhere saw a golden opportunity to capitalize on people’s fear of germs and inundated the market with soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, sponges, and wipes. They’ve even added antibacterial chemicals to clothing, housewares, mattresses, and toys.

The Benefits of Green Cleaning

The ideal way to clean your home is with green products- they rid your surfaces of bad bacteria while leaving behind the good probiotics like the air purifying products produced by BetterAir. These products work by preventing the bad bacteria from multiplying on surfaces as they normally do. The benefits speak for themselves:

  1. They’re low-allergenic and non-caustic, and they can be used on any surface.
  2. Green cleaning reduces your exposure to toxic chemicals and help rid your home of unwanted allergens.
  3. Overall indoor air quality is improved by reducing airborne dust and chemical gases.
  4. Green cleaning is environmentally friendly. –  Article courtesy of BetterAirUs.com
Offshore Carpet Cleaning is owner operated so you can count on top not service every time.  We offer emergency 24 hour service as well as : restoration, water removal, window cleaning, contractor management, storm checks, rental property oversight, furniture and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout, area rugs, business cleaning, daily cleaning or weekly cleaning of your commercial property.  We are located in southern New Jersey and offer these services for all of Cape May County and Atlantic County.  Including Atlantic City, Margate, Linwood, Absecon, Brigantine, Ocean City, Atlantic City, Linwood, Northfield, Egg Harbor Township, Hammonton, Vineland, Marmora, Sea Isle City, Cape May, Avalon and surrounding areas. You Property Service Company at the Shore. New Jersey
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