Professional Cleaning in the Spring can help avoid allergy flare ups!


The professional Cleaning Crew at Offshore Carpet Cleaning can help you and your family avoid allergy problems this spring by taking effective steps.  Professional cleaning of your carpet, hardwood floors, tile and upholstery can make sure harmful allergens do not get into the air and affect your family.

  • Professionals have found simple yet effective ways to clean houses without triggering allergies
  • Getting tested in order to identify specific allergens can help patients make a targeted approach to cleaning, according to an expert
  • Using a vacuum with HEPA filters is one of the best ways for you to deal with dust particles
  • Molds and mildew pose a very serious threat in the home
  • Knowing when to open and close windows is also very important
  • One has to make his or her bedroom a sanctuary
  • Knowing when to seek professional help is crucial


A clean house can help you avoid allergies. Unfortunately, cleaning in itself can trigger the release of allergens. 

Additional cleaning and be effective in between visits to ensure you are still healthy and safe.  But by following these professional tips from Offshore Carpet Cleaning and it can be very easy for you to avoid this dilemma.

Dusting baseboards, pantries, and cabinets is a sure way for you to release dust particles.  And while many homeowners want to sneeze their way to a clean house, professionals provide simple methods that you can try so you can clean up your house properly without triggering different kinds of allergens.
Deal with the problem at the roots
The first thing you need to do is to recognize your allergy triggers.
Homeowners need to undergo testing in order to identify specific allergens. This can help you formulate a more systematic approach when it comes to cleaning. This will also allow you to get the right allergy shots later on.

Make use of HEPA filters where ever possible.
Instead of dusting cabinets and shelves, professionals suggests that you vacuum your house using a product that has a HEPA filter instead.
It would also be best if you let someone who has no allergies do the cleaning for you.
But if this is not possible, it would be best for you to wear a mask, goggles and gloves so you can avoid allergies during cleaning.
Deal with leaks and freestanding water
Dust particles can be pretty difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, it can easily become the least of your concerns especially when you have mold or mildew around.
Freestanding water can present a mold hazard. This is why dealing with leaky pipes and faucets need to be prioritized.
Should windows be opened or closed?
Experts agree that when it comes to windows, it should be opened during house cleaning, but closed as tightly as possible during allergy season.  People with allergies can suffer from irritations especially during cleaning. Cleaning solutions can have harsh odors and chemicals, which is why the house has to be ventilated properly.
However, if pollens and ragweed found outside are your allergy triggers, then closing your windows during spring is a must.
Avoiding Fragrances and Odors
Fragrances, no matter how wonderful they may be can greatly exacerbate allergies.
By avoiding cleaning products which contain harsh chemicals or strong fragrances, you can clean your house properly without getting an allergic reaction.
Depending on what your allergies are, you can avoid using bleach, use green cleaning products, or opt to use hydrogen peroxide instead of harsh chemicals when dealing with molds.
Dealing with dust the right way
When it comes to dust, a lot of homeowners just love to use the feather duster. Unfortunately, this product will only help release dust into the air. But by using a damp microfiber cloth instead, you can trap the dust and get rid of it properly.
Using an effective cleaning strategy
Clean your house and the items within the home using a standard operating procedure. Always clean from top to bottom, inside then outside, and from left to right. Doing so helps you save time and energy, and it can also help you avoid exposing yourself from allergens unnecessarily.
Clean your bedroom often
Though the bedroom is rarely seen by other people, it is important that you spend time cleaning your room as well.
The bedroom needs to be your sanctuary, and because you spend a lot of time there, you need to make sure that this area is also free from dust and from other allergens.
Seek professional help
If a dirty house drives you crazy, and if dust and molds are just too much for your allergies, experts highly recommend that you hire professional cleaning services.
You can ask expert house cleaners to clean and sanitize the entire house for you, or you can also ask them to focus only on the specific problem areas of your home.

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