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The Need for Steam Cleaning Your Carpet.

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For as long as we can remember steam cleaning has been the most popular and best way of cleaning carpets. If done the right way, steam cleaning can remove dust and dirt, even in the deepest parts of your carpet. Surface oils and other allergens are also removed, especially those coming from pets. As a result, carpets will look as good as new again. Offshore Carpet Cleaning recommends to residential clients, a minimum of 2 cleaning per year to keep them clean and extend the life of the carpet.

Steam cleaning works by heating the water to a very high temperature until it creates steam. This is then applied directly to the carpet. During the process, dirt is extracted. Detergent may also be mixed with water to help remove stains and dirt.

One of the reasons why you need professional steam cleaner, like Offshore to come over is because they have the right tools for cleaning. The steam cleaner they use heats water up to 200 degrees Celsius. This becomes more effective in removing grease and dirt compared with average steam cleaners. Higher temperature also helps neutralize the adhesive bond in dirt and grease, making them easy to break up and remove.

This adhesive attraction in carpet fibers prevents standard vacuums from removing dirt and dust entirely. Therefore, the bond should be dissolved first so it will not stick to the carpet. The best part is that it won’t form again unlike when you use a vacuum cleaner.


Another reason why it is best to do professional steam cleaning is because it reduces the need to clean the carpet over and over again. With a vacuum, there is a good chance the carpet will easily get dirtier over time. Plus, regular cleaning and care of your carpets will extend the life of your carpets. This will eliminate the need to replace carpets sooner than expected and also meet warranty expectations of some manufacturers.


Cleaning the carpet is not just about improving its aesthetic appeal. It is also about safety and health concerns. When the carpet is clean, bacteria and other illness-causing substances are no longer present in it. With steam cleaning, all those nasty things hidden underneath are immediately killed. The high heat is more than enough to prevent dust mites from surviving. The same can be said for the most common forms of germs and bacteria. The carpet becomes sanitized and safe again for your kids. Just be careful if you are using chemicals since they might cause problems. Check the type of detergent and chemicals you use before steam carpet cleaning. On a more positive note, with steam cleaning, even the small particles left behind by the chemicals used will be removed unlike with vacuum cleaning.

There is no doubt about how effective steam carpet cleaning is. The only problem might be that it could be difficult to find a reliable local resource like Offshore Carpet Cleaning. In southern New Jersey, Offshore Carpet Cleaning is the only resource you want to invite into your home and rely on for keeping you family safe from bacteria and allergens. Visit the website at www.offshorecarpetcleaning.com or call 609-365-8045.

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