Fall and Spring is a time for a deep clean, to reduce Allergens in you home or place of business!

Tips to Reduce Allergens 

There is no need to obsess about home cleaning, since there is really no way to completely eliminate allergens in your home.  Allergy sufferers can benefit from regular home cleaning to reduce indoor allergens, including molds, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and cockroach droppings.  We also suggest professional deep cleaning at the change of seasons, Spring and fall.

“Our busy season is notoriously Spring and Fall.  Our customers are leaning this is the best time to get in professional deep cleanings and the timing offers most benefit,” said Ed Reese, Owner Offshore Carpet Cleaning.  “when the seasons change it increases allergens in the air, a mid spring cleaning gets out whats accumulated over the winter and the heavy content that has been pushed out early spring.”

Regular cleaning at home is a must, to keep surfaces fresh for your family.  Professional deep cleanings twice a year gives you that fresh start you need to stay healthy.

Here are cleaning tasks that should be done regularly at home:

  • Reducing dust-collecting clutter
  • Regularly vacuuming carpeted floors with a double-bag or HEPA filter vacuum
  • Regularly washing blankets and throw rugs
  • Washing all bed linens in hot water every week
  • Keeping counter surfaces clean and dry
  • Not leaving food around, and storing food in sealed containers

Taking a few simple steps to keep dust to a minimum, preventing molds from growing, and controlling cockroaches and other pests may help minimize your allergy symptoms.

Offshore Carpet Cleaning is owner operated so you can count on top not service every time.  We offer emergency 24 hour service as well as : restoration, water removal, window cleaning, contractor management, storm checks, rental property oversight, furniture and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout, area rugs, business cleaning, daily cleaning or weekly cleaning of your commercial property.  We are located in southern New Jersey and offer these services for all of Cape May County and Atlantic County.  Including Atlantic City, Margate, Linwood, Absecon, Brigantine, Ocean City, Atlantic City, Linwood, Northfield, Egg Harbor Township, Hammonton, Vineland, Marmora, Sea Isle City, Cape May, Avalon and surrounding areas. You Property Service Company at the Shore.

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