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Carpet Cleaning services mainly use carpet extraction as their means for getting your carpets clean. Offshore Carpet Cleaning uses this method, as it leaves great results for our clients. On top of that, we have one of the most powerful systems for accomplishing this—a truck-mounted extraction system.

Why is carpet extraction a great way to get your carpets cleaner than ever? And, how does the powerful truck-mounted system benefit you even more than a standalone portable unit? Allow us to reviews some of the great benefits of our system.

Carpet extraction is sometimes also referred to as “steam cleaning” for your carpets. What are the steps to cleaning this way?  First, a cleaning chemical is commonly pre-sprayed onto your carpets and allowed to soak in and liquify or loosen soils and oil build-ups. Then super-heated water (near boiling if possible) is shot down into the carpet and then sucked back out or “extracted” from the carpeting, thus scooping up all of the loose dirt, germs, and residues.

The main benefits of carpet extraction cleaning are:

  • Cleaning dirt, germs & allergens out from deep between the carpet fibers
  • Utilizes heated water, which sanitize’s and drys carpet faster
  • This is the method most recommended by carpet manufacturers and experts in the field for optimal results
  • Best way to eliminate odor versus other methods that may simply cover smells

The do it yourself machines that can be rented at your local Home Depot or Supermarket, do not get the water as hot, nor do they provide the same amount of power to remove the water and dirt.

A truck-mounted extractor will heat the water to near-boiling temperatures and shoot this water to our wand through a hose running into the building. Most of what you see is the hose running to a wand that your hard-working carpet cleaner moves in a pattern to cover the entire floor. That water is sucked back up and sent back through another hose to a holding tank in the truck. It’s SUPER-efficient and SUPER-effective, which you will notice when stains, germs, and odors disappear as a result. We use it to clean upholstery, tile & grout, hardwood floors and VCT Tile.

Offshore Carpet Cleaning  located in Southern New Jersey is the best choice for all your residential and commercial cleaning services.  We have a full array of services to offer all under one roof.  Power washing, Janitorial Cleaning, Window Washing and more.  Visit WeCleanSouthJersey.com for more information and to obtain a free estimate call 609-365-8045.

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