ELECTROLYZED WATER: Electrolyzed Water 101

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The technology to make electrolyzed water has actually been around for years, but it has required expensive industrial-size equipment accessible to only large institutions and companies. The applications of electrolyzed water are broad given its efficacy, safety & low cost per ounce.  Research on hypochlorous acid, its active ingredient, has been extensive given its many applications, including in eyewound & veterinary care products. Examples of institutions using electrolyzed water are hospitals in Japan and in the United States for both cleaning as well as in wound care products. Even though the chemistry is pretty simple, some of the equipment costs $10,000 or more. Look for companies, like Offshore who provide disinfecting services that utilize Electrolyzed Water solutions for the best results in your space.

How Electrolyzed Water Is Made

Making it is pretty simple chemistry.  You start with the right proportions of salt and water.  A salt molecule is made up of the elements sodium and chloride, and a water molecule is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. When an electrical current is applied to the solution, the molecules are broken apart and combined into 2 new molecules:

  • Hypochlorous acid – This is ingredient is as effective as bleach. This is actually the same substance your white blood cells produce to keep you healthy. As in your immune system’s fighter. Really! It’s gentleness & efficacy are what make it commonly used in wound, eye & veterinary care products. It’s even approved for use in organic crop production.
  • Sodium hydroxide – a detergent used at low concentrations in products like toothpaste and skin moisturizers, and at higher concentrations in conventional cleaners. Force of Nature contains a concentration of just 0.0000003% (not toxic). In all-purpose cleaners, typical concentration levels are from 1-5% (3 million to 17 million times the concentration as in Force of Nature, and can be extremely harmful).

The result is a cleaner & deodorizer that’s just as effective as conventional cleaners with no harmful chemicals, residues or fumes. See 3rd party independent lab test results here and watch this little video for a super simple chemistry lesson.

Offshore offers several different packages to chose form when looking for disinfection solutions in you home or business. Chose the level and need that is right for you.

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