Offshore uses Hygiena ATP rapid hygiene testing systems to ensure cleanliness

ATP testing systems from Hygiena provide the ability to validate cleaning within seconds. ATP, an energy-giving chemical found in all living things, provides a universal indicator of organic residue. This residue can be measured using Hygiena systems.

Hygiena ATP testing devices contain a natural enzyme found in fireflies that reacts with ATP giving a bioluminescence reaction. This is measured in relative light units (RLUs). The higher the RLU count, the dirtier a surface is. The RLU limits are set through recommendations from clinical experiences and current literature.

A range of swabs is available for multiple applications in conjunction with luminometers and Hygiena’s SureTrend software package to capture and report on results.

The Hygiena testing systems are designed for use in sterilisation, theatres, on lumen and non-lumen scopes, dental, environmental and food services.

Hygiena products are distributed into Australian Healthcare by Anaeron.

Read more: https://www.hospitalhealth.com.au/content/clinical-services/hot-product/hygiena-atp-rapid-hygiene-testing-systems-1537708128#ixzz6eFo8f8UL

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