Does your cleaning team clean the places germs hide at your office?

Your professional cleaning company or cleaning staff needs to ensure they hit these top 7 spots to ensure cleanliness at your facility!

Living in 2021 with a “new normal”, we are taking another look at how we handle everything from gatherings, virtual leaning and cleaning! With heightened awareness on the need to ensure clean safe spaces for all, it is necessary to have a heightened awareness of where germs, micro organisms and any general contaminants could hide. In order to protect your staff, keep your business open and operating, it is imperative to explore and create awareness. Whether you hire a professional commercial cleaning company like Offshore Janitorial Services or have internal staff for your cleaning needs, you should consider what your are up against and think differently.

1. Elevator Buttons

If you have elevators in your workplace, think about how many people go up and down on a daily basis. Then, think about how often these buttons are touched. This is one of the fastest ways to spread germs from person to person as people continue to press the buttons. These buttons cannot be neglected during the cleaning process.

2. Door Handles

Everyone uses door handles every day. The more people touch the handles, the more germs will spread from person to person. It is critical to sterilize your door handles every day, as they are commonly touched surfaces.

3. Keyboards

Many people do not clean their keyboards regularly because they are afraid spraying liquids will damage the electronics; however, this doesn’t mean that keyboards should be neglected entirely. Professionals know how to clean and protect keyboards, preventing people from getting sick simply by using them.

4. The Phone

Do you have phones in your office? Are these phones used by different people? If so, this is an easy way to spread germs and diseases from person to person. All phones should be wiped down regularly to prevent the transmission of germs. Ideally, this should take place several times per day.

5. The Printer

There is a good chance that you have a printer that also doubles as a copier and fax machine. This simply means that more people use this device on a regular basis. Disinfecting and sanitizing the common touchpoints can prevent people from getting sick.

6. Vending Machines

If you need a little afternoon sugar to keep going, then you probably head to the vending machine. The problem is that many other people use the vending machine. The buttons and handles on vending machines are some of the germiest places at work, making them very likely to pass germs to other people. These machines have to be disinfected regularly.

7. The Office Coffee Maker

Finally, if you need coffee to wake you up in the morning, you are not alone. This means that just about everyone in the office touches the coffee maker and coffee pot. As a result, this is also a prime way for germs to get passed from person to person.

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