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Is it time to upgrade your home’s kitchen or bathroom? Or perhaps finish the basement? Did you just buy a shore house and doing some fixing up? While you likely put a lot of thought and planning into the design and construction of these projects, you may not have considered the cleanup afterwards. That’s why the Offshore offers construction cleaning services to Ocean City, New Jersey and Jersey Shore homeowners.

While the finished product is almost always worth a significant mess along the way, the truth is that the people managing the construction project are experts at planning, engineering, building, and repairing. They may try their best to clean up afterwards, but they aren’t trained to be experts in cleanup. Offshore Experts are. That said, we take great pride in our ability to offer top-notch cleaning after construction, organic cleaning, and we do it through a multifaceted approach to ensuring a recent project looks both well-constructed and perfectly clean.

How Offshore Cleaning Experts Approach Cleaning After Construction

Cleaning a space after heavy-duty construction has been done is a time-consuming, detail-oriented job, not only for the sake of cleanliness but also for the sake of safety. As such, the following is how our highly-trained professionals approach cleaning up after construction sites:

Checking Large, Wide Areas

As with any major cleaning job, it’s always a good idea to start with the largest areas higher up and then work our way down, and for the most part, that means walls and countertops. Throughout the course of a construction project, drywall dust, sawdust, and other debris can get everywhere, and in a kitchen especially, your food preparation areas should be clean enough to help you get a new start in your redesigned space.

Cleaning Kitchen and Shower Hardware

Cleaning the hardware in your kitchen and bathroom is another way to get a great head start on these upgraded areas. Around the hardware, dust is still an issue, but with plumbing there can be other sealants and products that leave small messes. We’ll take care of those, too.

Clearing Dust in Small Places

Any respectable cleaning service will spend significant time digging into the nooks and crannies after a construction job to get all the dust out of hard-to-reach spaces. This means getting in between tiles, around shower doors, inside and outside of commodes, sinks, tubs, and so on.

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Allowing Offshore Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Services to take care of these things will ensure that your home is well taken care of in the aftermath of a home renovation. Cleaning after construction is one of our specialties, so reach out to us if you’re in Margate City, Longport, Avalon or Ocean CIiy, New Jersey area!

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