Area Rug Cleaning

Living at the beach and the New Jersey Shore mean beach sand & high humidity. High traffic areas where area rugs are often present, take a beating!

It is just as important to clean your area rugs as it is to cleaning any of the other surfaces in your home, and we don’t mean with a vacuum. Over time, just as with wall to wall carpet, dirt, soil and grime build up and must be professionally remove. Area rugs can be a sponge for dust mites and molds therefore it is important to check them regularly.

We clean Oriental Rug, Silk Area Rugs and handmade area rugs to just name a few. We clean them at our indoor climate controlled facility and then allow the appropriate amount of time to lie flat and dry completely. Drying time may vary for rugs so our team of professional can advise form our experience but also keep you posted durning the entire cleaning process. Living a the beach and Jersey Shore means sand, more sand and more sand. No problem for us!


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