Gyms and Fitness Centers Need Regular Cleanings

Any gym owner or operator must know that cleanliness is at the top of the list to keep a fitness center and gym sanitary. Members who are sweating will move throughout workout rooms, lift weights and touch the equipment. Just wiping the sweat off isn’t enough to sanitize these high traffic common areas.

Keep equipment, mats and floor in clean!

In house staff may do an hourly touch but what is really needed is a customized cleaning schedule. Often times schedules are make either daily, weekly supplemented with seasonal, or quarterly service deep cleanings. Porous area such as carpeting, mats, hardwood floors and locker rooms will need deep cleaning periodically with hot steam extraction or higher powered equipment. Regularly it is necessary to make sure your equipment cleaning tasks are thorough and include disinfecting. In addition to using the right chemicals on the equipment, wipe down all parts that are touched and sat on throughout a workout. This includes handles, benches, padding, weights, grips, mats, water fountains or fill stations, and anything else that would be touched during a normal day of working out.

Since impressions of cleanliness are everything, mirrors, glass doors and other visual entries should be wiped and cleaned daily, even thought these are less touched. It is important to make sure guests see all surface clean even if they are not coming in contact.

Entry ways Front Lobby & Restroom Cleaning

It is important to have your offices and front reception area cleaned and disinfected to make a great first impression on your members. Restrooms and shower areas are also important areas to your members. Offshore has programs in place to better protect your members from the spread of viruses.

Gym Floors

Because of the amount of floor traffic your facility gets, we know how important it is to vacuum and mop the floors. These areas can be vacuumed, and wet/damp/dry mopped, to keep the floors clean and looking their best. We will also make sure all rubber mats that are used in entry areas and around the exercise equipment will be carefully cleaned.

Offshore has earned our trusted reputation for by providing results in South Jersey and the Atlantic City Area. No matter your needs, we can deliver a commercial cleaning program that provides consistent, quality cleaning and disinfecting that enhances the value of your fitness facility.


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