Commercial cleaning needs are different for every Business!

Offshore offers specific plans with daily or weekly service and introducing our Cleaning Valet.

Given that the world has recently acquired a fresh regard for cleaner settings, hiring a reputable commercial cleaning company is now more important to businesses than ever before. Janitorial and cleaning firms cater to the needs of diverse industries, all of which have unique and sometimes very specific needs. An experienced commercial cleaning firm understands that each industry has its own set of requirements based on the budget and scope of cleaning work required, especially in South New Jersey.

Clients’ requirements and expectations are rarely the same.

Our goal is to achieve all of these requirements while providing exceptional customer service. Our goal is to establish a cleaning strategy that meets both your personal and business needs. We’ll work with you to develop a schedule that works for you, especially when it comes to the different levels of cleaning that are required throughout the year. For example –

Schools – Campus cleaning services are required by schools, colleges, and institutions. However, while some institutions, including public schools, employ janitors in-house, the majority do not. It’s no secret that kids and teenagers love to wreak mayhem. The only choice is to hire a commercial cleaning company to do the job.

Bars and Restaurants – Only the restaurant and bar industries have profit margins that are so tightly linked to commercial cleaning or janitorial services. Nobody likes to eat or drink at a filthy establishment. As a result, hotels and restaurants are always on the hunt for the best cleaning services and supplies to bring out the best in their interiors. Their business’s livelihood depends on it.

Governmental Structures – Government agencies require regular cleaning. Government cleaning contracts are hard to come by but can be quite lucrative. There are many contracts to award due to the government’s multiple ministries. People from all over the world frequent government offices. To adequately clean large sites, a full-time cleaning firm is required.

Banks – The banking industry isn’t usually known for its client service, but it can’t be blamed for having filthy facilities. Any bank that one enters has a pleasant scent, which is due to the usage of experienced facility managers and professional cleaners who are in charge of keeping a sanitary environment.

Malls and Retail Establishments – Millions of malls and retail outlets worldwide require professional cleaners to keep their facilities clean. These owners don’t have time to clean during typical business hours. Professional cleaners are frequently hired to clean after-hours.

Automobile Dealerships – Cars are a dealership’s most valued asset. Professional cleaners are regularly hired to keep these expensive objects spotless. Their duties include keeping the dealership clean and the cars’ exteriors and interiors spotless.

Fitness Centers and Gyms – Sweaty customers at gyms and fitness centers require more than just cleaning the equipment! On a regular basis, these firms require personnel to maintain their equipment, clean it, and prepare it for the next batch of aspirants.

Dental and Medical Offices – As previously stated, hospitals require experienced and commercial cleaning services. Health care facilities require cleaning services, and lucrative contracts are available. A hospital’s customer expects cleanliness as a show of professionalism. Hospitals are regularly cleaned since they don’t inspire respect or attention.

Salons – Salons typically hire in-house cleaners, but larger brands with several locations will need to engage a professional cleaner to handle all of the cleaning responsibilities.

Warehouses – A warehouse is not the first place that comes to mind when considering commercial cleaning services. However, warehouses are notorious for housing a range of valuable and sensitive objects that require regular cleaning. Keeping a warehouse clean can help prevent fungus and mildew from damaging cargo.

Law Firms and Accounting Offices – High level businesses have standards that put them in a class of their own. Presenting a stellar look and reputation comes with how you present your place of business to the outside world. In these cases we are accustom to things such as marble floor polishing, leather furniture maintenance, delicate chandeliers, oriental rug cleaning and silver polishing are all in a days work!

We can customize plans for every client. This helps firms and businesses to focus on what they do best!

There is no shortage of companies looking for cleaning services, as we have just shown. Almost every business strives to maintain a clean and orderly environment. Cleaning services are important in that field since they ensure that the duty of maintaining sanitary standards is handled by professionals.

Cleaning Valet – Smaller businesses who do not have lots of traffic and perhaps only house a few employees daily or weekly, don’t need a full service plan therefore we have started the Cleaning Valet Service. You may only need a quick visit once a week to vacuum and remove trash. This service is ideal for small businesses, add in bi-weekly or monthly restroom cleaning or any other service you may need on a less frequent basis. We will follow you lead and specific needs!

Standard Cleaning – This covers lite cleaning duties for industries that do not generate a considerable about of dust or debris. Corporate office spaces come to find first since office workers generally are white color and work with paper and electronic products. Offices typically only need light dusting and vacuuming with more detailed deep cleaning done on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Services included in this cleaning level include dusting of all horizontal surfaces, spot cleaning of all switches and doors, damp wiping of all horizontal surfaces, and vacuuming carpets in traffic areas. Unless they are accidental spills or heavy traffic during wintery months, offices generally require lite to moderate commercial cleaning.

Deep Cleaning – This is the second level and goes deeper into areas where some industries such as restaurants and salons require it. Services include everything in the Standard level. In addition, we cover replacing garbage liners as needed in the office, damp mopping of hard surfaces in the office, cleaning and disinfecting fixtures and countertops of restrooms as well as cleaning mirrors, toilets and urinals, mopping of hard restroom surface floors, and emptying trash. Service also includes refilling supply dispensers such as soap, toilet papers, and paper towels), For the lunchroom, we cover emptying of garbage and replacing of the liner, floor mopping/vacuuming, dusting all horizontal surfaces within reach (up to 6’), disinfecting countertops, tables, sinks, and cleaning of interior and exterior of the microwave. Hot steam extraction, VCT Tile floor Cleaning as well as area rugs and oriental rugs all done in house.

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