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5 Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning in your home or residential property.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Ocean City, New Jersey & Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey Installing a carpet on your floor improves the comfort and appearance of your home. While this is a great way to improve your flooring, it is…

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The future of virus elimination!

mona lisa protection protect virus

Why is it so effective and how does Offshore Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Services produce it? Electrolyzed water is generated using water, salt and electricity. The process is called electrolysis and involves applying a direct electric current (DC) across a pair of…

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How electrolyzed water can revolutionize your home cleaning solutions

The story below is one of many brands of HOCl also known as Electrolyzed Water. This situation made us all neat freaks. Cue Kris Jenner taking sanitizing wipes to the walls of her Palm Springs vacation home. We all live…

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Hypochlorous Acid Water Generator Market Grow at Exceptional Rate During 2020 to 2026 | EAU Technologies, NaOClean, Envirolyte Group, Koken

Link to full article here: LOS ANGELES, United States: The report is an all-inclusive research study of the global Hypochlorous Acid Water Generator market taking into account the growth factors, recent trends, developments, opportunities, and competitive landscape. The market analysts and…

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Professional COVID-19 Cleaning Services for Businesses

Professional COVID-19 Cleaning Services for Businesses If you’re an essential business still operating at this time, keeping your workplace safe and free from infection is likely a primary concern. This is true both to prevent illness in the facility and…

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Offshore uses Hygiena ATP rapid hygiene testing systems to ensure cleanliness

ATP testing systems from Hygiena provide the ability to validate cleaning within seconds. ATP, an energy-giving chemical found in all living things, provides a universal indicator of organic residue. This residue can be measured using Hygiena systems. Hygiena ATP testing…

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Professional Cleaning can make all the difference at your home of business!

Professional carpet cleaning, utilizing Hot Steam Extraction, is needed to remove deep down dirt & germs. Regular vacuuming helps to get rid of dust, dirt and bacteria; but it is simply not enough, and over time these toxins accumulate and…

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CDC Survey: COVID cleaning behaviors put people at risk

https://www.wfla.com/news/health-news/cdc-survey-covid-cleaning-behaviors-put-people-at-risk/embed/#?secret=d7OJKy9NCr (CNN) – A new survey suggests Americans may be putting their health at risk while trying to protect themselves from COVID-19. We’ve all been told to disinfect high-touch places to help slow the spread of COVID-19, but a recent…

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Chances are… you will have a positive case if your business is open and operating… even under constrained capacity.

Offshore only uses CDC certified sanitizing products that at are 100% safe and never use harsh chemicals.

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Ongoing regular cleaning is imperative to ensure more effective deep cleanings.

Regular ongoing cleaning is imperative in between your quarterly or bi annual deep cleanings. Surface cleaning keep you healthy and sanitized but nothing replaces a deep cleaning to really remove built up dirt and germs. When it is time for…

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I did everything right, but my employee tested positive for COVID-19.

Cleaning and disinfecting your building or facility after an employee tests positive. Business owners in New Jersey & elsewhere must come to terms with the facts. Even after following all the rules, after implementing the procedures, being extremely careful, you…

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Hypochlorous Acid AKA electrolyzed water— could be positioned to upend the $1.4 billion surface-disinfectant industry….

Electrolyzed water is very green in the sense that the only input is table salt. It is lethal to microscopic bacteria. Hypochlorous acid aka electrolyzed water, makers hope to disrupt the world of green disinfectants.Who knew that Google Glass would flop? Or…

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Measuring your germ count is a real Game Changer!

Don’t just think it’s clean. KNOW IT! Offshore Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Services uses data to measure germs and micro organisms when recommending disinfecting and sanitizing solutions. When exploring Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services for your home or business, hard data is…

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Disinfect & Decontaminate surfaces and air from Viruses & Bacteria.

Corona Virus COVID-19

Offshore Carpet Cleaning & Janitorial Services offers a disinfecting and decontaminating fog for businesses and homes. The Coronavirus has caused a national pandemic across our country. It is important to ensure you are disinfecting spaces and preventing the continued spread…

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So many different surfaces are touched on a daily basis. Great tips to get your daily “corona cleaning”.

NEW YORK, New York (NBC News) – Spring is right around the corner, and before you start that spring cleaning you may want to “corona clean” first. Focus on parts of your home that get the most use. “You want…

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Hiring a Professional, Commercial Cleaning Service has many Benefits & Why Every Business Needs One

Americans spend most of their waking hours at work. While many businesses use a cleaning service, the actual cleaning performed is often minimal, with a quick vacuum and emptying of trash. Deeper dirt, dust, allergens, and pathogens remain in carpets,…

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Professional Carpet Cleaning is the only way to ensure a proper cleaning! #WeKnowClean

If you are looking for professional carpet cleaning near Ocean City and Atlantic City look no further than Offshore Carpet Cleaning. Offshore Carpet Cleaning is southern New Jersey’s best and most professional carpet cleaning & floor cleaning service. We can clean…

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Spring Cleaning is in full swing! Schedule your cleaning NOW!

Spring is here, which means it’s time to give your house a GOOD SCRUBBING. Nothing replaces a deep professional cleaning which you cannot achieve on your own! Not sure where to start? Offshore Carpet Cleaning offers 5 tips: Keep a…

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Deep Cleaning of carpet and flooring surfaces is a must!

Carpet Deep Cleaning from Offshore Carpet Cleaning

If you own a business establishment, you need to do everything possible to make sure your clients have a positive perception of your business and building. Having soiled and discolored carpets will reflect negatively on you and your business and…

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Offshore Property Services offers flexible and overnight hours to accommodate clients cleaning goals.

Running a business place involves several responsibilities, one of which is ensuring that the business place is clean and hygienic for visitors. While ensuring that the business place is up to health and hygienic standards should be a must for all businesses

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