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Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes

https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/reopen-guidance.html Updated Mar. 1, 2021LanguagesPrint This guidance is intended for all Americans, whether you own a business, run a school, or want to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your home. Slowing the spread of COVID-19 requires all of us…

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Easing into reopening and staying open!

As schools & businesses expand operations, keeping keeping on is a priority! After a long year of remote working & learning, many businesses & schools are starting the slow, careful journey to reopening. The lockdown over the last year for…

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Covid Cleaning with the Virus on the Rise

Covid Cleaning with the Virus on the Rise COVID-19 is still around, in fact the New York Times reports the daily average of new COVID-19 cases this past week was 209,600. That’s 31% higher than the average recorded two weeks…

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Professional Floor & Carpet Cleaning

Create a favorable lasting impression the moment people set foot inside your door. We help you warmly greet customers and visitors with clean carpets and spotless hard flooring. Our professional carpet cleaning services and commercial floor cleaning services in New…

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Corona Virus Commercial Cleaning Sanitization

person wearing blue latex gloves and face mask

The Coronavirus outbreak is very real in New Jersey and worldwide. Corona virus, or Novel Corona virus, is an infectious disease that is caused by a virus, called New or Novel Corona virus. Also, frequently referred to as COVID-19. Since…

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I did everything right, but my employee tested positive for COVID-19.

Cleaning and disinfecting your building or facility after an employee tests positive. Business owners in New Jersey & elsewhere must come to terms with the facts. Even after following all the rules, after implementing the procedures, being extremely careful, you…

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Hypochlorous Acid AKA electrolyzed water— could be positioned to upend the $1.4 billion surface-disinfectant industry….

Electrolyzed water is very green in the sense that the only input is table salt. It is lethal to microscopic bacteria. Hypochlorous acid aka electrolyzed water, makers hope to disrupt the world of green disinfectants.Who knew that Google Glass would flop? Or…

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Navigating a Safe Return to Work: NAIOP Provides Best Practices for U.S. Office Building Owners and Tenants

Full Article here: WASHINGTON, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In a new guidance released today, NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, has released best practices for the safe return to work in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdown. Download the report: www.naiop.org/safeofficereturn “We…

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What is Coronavirus According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, some of which already circulate among humans and cause mild illness, like the common cold. The virus causing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is…

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So many different surfaces are touched on a daily basis. Great tips to get your daily “corona cleaning”.

NEW YORK, New York (NBC News) – Spring is right around the corner, and before you start that spring cleaning you may want to “corona clean” first. Focus on parts of your home that get the most use. “You want…

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Hiring a Professional, Commercial Cleaning Service has many Benefits & Why Every Business Needs One

Americans spend most of their waking hours at work. While many businesses use a cleaning service, the actual cleaning performed is often minimal, with a quick vacuum and emptying of trash. Deeper dirt, dust, allergens, and pathogens remain in carpets,…

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Offshore thinks 2020 is the perfect time start new habits! Clean up and get organized!

Now that the holiday season is over, you may find a big mess to clean-up in your home. Holiday decorations need to be packed up, wrapping paper needs to be thrown out, dishes need to be washed – the whole…

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Why You Should Have a Professional Clean Your Carpets

When is the last time you had your carpets cleaned by a device other than a vacuum? If you answer is in the form of years, you should strongly consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning servicein Southern New Jersey to revitalize…

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Fall is the right time for a deep cleaning! Professional cleaning for carpets, hardwood & upholstery is a great way to prepare for the holiday season!

…. if you have to choose a season, choose Fall to have a deep cleaning.

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Steam Cleaning is the best way to keep your carpets clean!

Commercial Floor Cleaning - Offshore Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most popular and best way of cleaning carpets. If done the right way, steam cleaning can remove dust and dirt, even in the deepest parts of your carpet. Surface oils and other allergens are also removed,…

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5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Cleaner or Janitorial Services At Your Office Or Restaurant.

Offshore can make a custom cleaning plan to meet your specific needs. Daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services are available as well as regular deep cleaning services to ensure a germ and dirt free space.

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Offshore Property Services offers flexible and overnight hours to accommodate clients cleaning goals.

Running a business place involves several responsibilities, one of which is ensuring that the business place is clean and hygienic for visitors. While ensuring that the business place is up to health and hygienic standards should be a must for all businesses

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New Year Resolutions are being set! Cleaning tips for 2019!

Once the holiday season is over, you may find a big mess to clean-up in your home. Holiday decorations need to be packed up, wrapping paper needs to be thrown out, dishes need to be washed – the whole house…

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Restaurant cleaning & Janitorial Services

Offshore specializes in cleaning services for your place of business.  Offering daily, weekly or monthly cleaning for offices, banks, doctors and medical offices and restaurants.  We ensure every surface in your place of business is clean and sanitized to remove…

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Carpet Cleaning, Property Management & Commercial Cleaning

Our Nearby team handles Atlantic City and all the Jersey Shore

Offshore Carpet Cleaning is now Offshore Property Services.  Your one stop for commercial & residential services including Carpet and Floor Cleaning, Property Management & Janitorial Services.  Offshore’s friendly team, exemplary service and affordable rates come with every job.  We specialize…

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