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Steam Cleaning is the best way to keep your carpets clean!

Commercial Floor Cleaning - Offshore Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most popular and best way of cleaning carpets. If done the right way, steam cleaning can remove dust and dirt, even in the deepest parts of your carpet. Surface oils and other allergens are also removed,…

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How Clean Are Your Carpets?

When was the last time you had a Professional Deep Cleaning of your floors or carpets? Offshore recommends a deep cleaning 2 times annually for residential homes and 4 times annually for commercial businesses.

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With freezing temperatures sweeping South Jersey and the entire Atlantic and Cape May Counties some of us could be dealing with frozen pipes.

With freezing temperatures sweeping South Jersey and the entire Atlantic and Cape May Counties it’s no surprise that many of us are dealing with the issue of frozen pipes. Should a pipe freeze and break in your home or place…

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New Year Resolutions are being set! Cleaning tips for 2019!

Once the holiday season is over, you may find a big mess to clean-up in your home. Holiday decorations need to be packed up, wrapping paper needs to be thrown out, dishes need to be washed – the whole house…

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Carpet Cleaning, Property Management & Commercial Cleaning

Our Nearby team handles Atlantic City and all the Jersey Shore

Offshore Carpet Cleaning is now Offshore Property Services.  Your one stop for commercial & residential services including Carpet and Floor Cleaning, Property Management & Janitorial Services.  Offshore’s friendly team, exemplary service and affordable rates come with every job.  We specialize…

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Summer is almost over. Who needs a Seasonal Rental Clean Up Crew!

As the summer of 2018 winds down, it’s time to schedule your end of summer deep cleaning with Offshore Carpet Cleaning.  Call Offshore to deep clean all your floor and carpets, as well as furniture, window washing and power washing…

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Flu season is in full swing! One person getting sick, doesn’t mean everyone has to!! Call Offshore to clean carpets, hardwood, furniture and tile at your home or office.

TOP 5 REASONS TO CLEAN WITH STEAM Steam offers a ton of benefits over conventional cleaning. One of the most attractive reasons to use steam is that it cleans with water. Here are our 5 favorite reasons to use steam…

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Winter is the Best Time to Clean Your Carpets!

Now that cold weather is upon us, your carpets are set to take on an array of moisture, dirt, mud and other contaminates flowing in from outdoors. While your carpet is going to get seriously dirty over the next few…

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Get ready for the holiday season with a deep cleaning of carpets, floors and furniture!

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Professional Steam Cleaning is the best way to keep carpets clean! #WeKnowClean

The Need for Steam Cleaning Your Carpet. November 18, 2017 by Staff Filed under Opinion, Weekly Columns Leave a Comment Like 1 For as long as we can remember steam cleaning has been the most popular and best way of cleaning carpets. If done…

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