Commercial Tile Cleaning In South Jersey

Often times commercial companies and businesses have tile or VCT flooring in their high traffic store fronts, offices or entry ways.  This type of flooring is very practical and withstand much more of a beating as carpet or other surfaces.  With that said it still needs to be properly cleaned in order to last and look fresh and clean for your customers.

Offshore uses professional grade equipment and hot steam to scrub away dirt and germs but yet gentle enough to ensure the surface’s integrity is not compromised.  Then we go back and polish the floor to ensure a beautiful looking finished product, and then apply sealants to extend the life of the cleaning.  This also make the floor look great as well.

The frequency needed for this type of process for your floors really depends on the level of traffic at your place of business and the type of business.  Offshore will work with you to determine the appropriate maintenance plan needed for your particular establishment.  As always Eco Friendly Products are available.

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