Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services

Eliminate viruses, bacteria, and fungi in your environment and reduce the risk of infection by viruses, bacterias, and other harmful pathogens. We provide services in businesses; restaurants or offices as well as residential homes with our disinfection technologies that kill 99.995 % of viruses.

The CDC’s guidelines call for every business to “clean and disinfect all areas…routinely.” Additionally, at this point it is clear that individuals can be asymptomatic and still transmit COVID-19 (more data here), resulting in necessary actions being taken across every organization that has its doors open.

What We Do:


Technique that uses a fine spray to deliver disinfectant so that it reaches all interior spaces. Can be done in interior spaces as well as in air duct systems.


We recommend wiping down all surfaces prior to applying sanitizing solution. You may have your cleaning staff do this or we can do it for you.


Applying HOCl to completely coat a surface in sanitizing solution. Allow to dry to ensure effectiveness. We recommend 10 -15 minutes to ensure effectiveness.

Fogging spaces kills germs that adhere on objects on the surface, prevent the spread and infection of Covid-19 other viruses, like SARS and other Coronaviruses & even the seasonal Flu.

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