Residential Carpet Cleaning

Offshore Carpet Cleaning offers carpet and floor cleaning for both Commercial and Residential clients.  We clean any type of flooring you may have in your home or office including rugs or carpets of any kind, hardwood, tile, stone, VCT tile, linoleum and more. We use hot steam extraction to sanitize, disinfect and sterilize your surface. This method kills germs that could cause illness in your home or office. We use all environmentally safe products when cleaning your floors which also protects your family, pets and clients from harmful chemicals.

Dog and Cat Urine Dog and Cat Odor and Urine Removal[/caption]


We can help solve issues you may be having with cat urine or dog urine saturating your floors.  We use eco-friendly products to treat the dog urine or cat urine odor and use our hot steam extraction to remove the product along with the urine.

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