Car, Boat and RV Carpet Cleaning in South Jersey

Offshore Carpet Cleaning offers deep cleaning for some of your most prized possessions.   Our cars, boats and RV’s could use deep cleaning  to remove dirt and allergens that have formed over time and also deodorize them to ensure a pleasing scent too.

Car Carpet Cleaning

Offshore will come to you and give your vehicle carpets and seats a deep cleaning to keep it in tip top shape.  Pets children and simple wear and tear can leave your car or truck needing to be restored and help retain the value for future.

Boat and Yacht Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

After a long season of wear and tear on the open seas, your boat or yacht may need a good deep cleaning before you put it in storage.  Offshore Carpet Cleaning will come to your marina and make sure your summer toy looks as good as possible before hiding away for the long winter.  Conversely, after a long winter in storage you boat could not look or smell as fresh as you would like and Offshore Carpet Cleaning can deep clean and deodorize your boat upholstery and carpets.

RV and Motor Home Cleaning

Long trips in your RV can put wear and tear on your seating upholstery as well as the flooring and carpets.  Offshore Carpet Cleaning will come to you and clean your RV carpets restoring them and disinfecting them.

Deodorizing treatments leave your RV smelling fresh and clean and ready for your next road trip.

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