Water Removal

Water Extraction In South Jersey

Commercial & Residential Water Extraction

Offshore offers emergency water extraction services. Timely water extraction is critical if you’ve had a pipe burst, a roof leak, or some other type of water enter your home or place of business. Our emergency water extraction service helps minimize the damage. Controlling this water and having it removed quickly will cut down on the potential for dangerous molds and structural damage.

We will extract water from the premises and dry the floors using high powered industrial fan dryers. Water damage from flooding can present issues in many ways for home and business owners. Prompt removal of the water will help keep your family and customers healthy and happy. Not only can flooding lead to property damage, it can also lead to health hazards as mold and other moisture born maladies can pop up as the water and moisture sit still, undisturbed. Mold spores and bacteria that are toxic, which is why having any water must be extracted immediately. If you are experiencing an emergency where water needs to be removed quickly – give us a call!

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