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CDC Survey: COVID cleaning behaviors put people at risk

https://www.wfla.com/news/health-news/cdc-survey-covid-cleaning-behaviors-put-people-at-risk/embed/#?secret=d7OJKy9NCr (CNN) – A new survey suggests Americans may be putting their health at risk while trying to protect themselves from COVID-19. We’ve all been told to disinfect high-touch places to help slow the spread of COVID-19, but a recent…

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Whats your germ count?

Germs and Virus

Don’t just think it’s clean. KNOW IT! Offshore Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Services uses testing to measure germs and micro organisms when recommending disinfecting and sanitizing solutions. When exploring Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services for your home or business, hard data…

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Hiring a Professional, Commercial Cleaning Service has many Benefits & Why Every Business Needs One

Americans spend most of their waking hours at work. While many businesses use a cleaning service, the actual cleaning performed is often minimal, with a quick vacuum and emptying of trash. Deeper dirt, dust, allergens, and pathogens remain in carpets,…

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Do You Know If Your Restaurant or Workplace is Really Clean?

Offshore Carpet Cleaning offers these tips to consider… Offices and restaurants must always be in clean and pristine condition, especially if some of the areas are open to the public. Clean work environments leave a good impression on clients and…

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Pet Urine in Carpets can be unpleasant and present real issues for you and your family!

If you have older animals who are breaking down, a little dog who’s just never seemed to grasp the concept of “going” in the outdoors, or if you have had a puppy, then you understand the risks your home faces….

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Offshore Carpet Cleaning says: There may be a lot more living in your carpets than you think!

Schedule your regular deep cleanings to kill deep down dirt, germs and more…. Offshore Carpet Cleaning understands you work hard to keep you home clean. Dusting, cleaning window sills, potty train your pets, get non-spill cups for the kids (and…

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