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Is your janitorial or housekeeping staff doing enough to defeat the risks of COVID-19?

close up photo of person cleaning the table

If your cleaning staff is not using a disinfectant like HOCl to clean, you may not be doing enough to be protected. Many schools, colleges, and universities often have in-house janitorial or housekeeping teams that handle the day-to-day cleaning of…

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Ongoing regular cleaning is imperative to ensure more effective deep cleanings.

Regular ongoing cleaning is imperative in between your quarterly or bi annual deep cleanings. Surface cleaning keep you healthy and sanitized but nothing replaces a deep cleaning to really remove built up dirt and germs. When it is time for…

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New Study Proves That Hypochlorous Acid Kills Novel Coronavirus

In a new study performed by an independent U.S. laboratory, a dilute hypochlorous acid (HOCL) sanitizing solution proved highly effective at eliminating SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes COVID-19 – on hard surfaces. The EPA-standard test found that a spray of 200…

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Hypochlorous Acid AKA electrolyzed water— could be positioned to upend the $1.4 billion surface-disinfectant industry….

Electrolyzed water is very green in the sense that the only input is table salt. It is lethal to microscopic bacteria. Hypochlorous acid aka electrolyzed water, makers hope to disrupt the world of green disinfectants.Who knew that Google Glass would flop? Or…

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